Use QBank to future-proof and support your complex product ecosystem

Integrate to business-critical tools and maximize productivity

Through the flexibility of the QBank solution it can support multiple teams beyond sales and marketing. Connect your eCommerce, PIM and other systems. Store your technical documents, manuals, product and marketing images all in one place.

Connect to e-commerce and PIM

Shorten time-to-market both for your own e-commerce and your suppliers. Easily connect your images with data from your PIM to create efficient workflows. QBank is your partner for staying in full control and support your ever growing content management needs.

Support multi-market teams with a centralized hub

With QBank you can give your teams and external partners easy access to your digital assets in one centralized hub. Set up review workflows to approve images before they are released, distribute across multiple platforms at the click of a button, or download files in different formats. All your digital assets in one place! Uploading is simple and fast, just drag and drop your files.

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Propel productivity with QBank