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With the huge amount of data we manage and produce every day, the demands on keeping the data safe are increasing. How can a DAM support you on security related issues?

Not only do you need to keep track of data connected to business operations, like documents, files and metadata, but also personal data that concerns employees, customers or prospects. But how do you keep safe if you are not in control?

DAM security

A DAM solution is not only storage for images. It is a platform for enterprise management of digital assets related to marketing and business operations, like product images, videos, presentations, documents, art work, blueprints or technical documentations. All that assets needs to be securely managed and only available for those with clearance, internally and externally.

Privacy and GDPR

When it comes to personal data the security and privacy regulation have been getting higher the last couple of years. We have privacy regulations to follow and if you are obligated to go act according to the General data protection regulation (GDPR) you are quite familiar with how much efforts it takes to be compliant.

In a DAM this is controlled by rights management, on assets and users. It enables a secure management of images and content related to employees and privacy policies, but also enables you to make sure confidential material like early stage blueprints or press release drafts are only available for the right person or group.


Implementing a DAM is not a one-time project, it’s an ongoing process and the best way to keep your DAM efforts efficient is by governance. Governance - a holistic framework to make sure your data operations are effecient and safe. As organizations seek to be data-driven it is key to safely manage your data throughout the organization and to avoid costly mistakes.

Governance is often a part of a DAM implementation process but seems to be forgotten when the solution is up and running. Governance is just as important afterwards, to ensure a strategically mindset and planning for what’s ahead with new technologies, features and operational processes.  

It doesn’t seem like the amount of data will decrease and the need for controlling your data will be more or less mandatory. With data governance you will be one step ahead when it comes to keeping safe.  


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