Integrate QBank with your CMS/DXP to optimize your website operations

Let your team find the right assets directly from your CMS, ensure brand consistency and save time with automated workflows and streamlined content operations.

Instant Access to approved images & videos

Access your web related images, videos, and illustrations from within your CMS interface, all in format and sizes optimized for your website. The assets in the CMS image bank will be pulled directly from Qbank so you won't have to tag or name images twice.
Instant access to approved assets

Ensure brand consistency and on-brand profiles

Make sure that only approved images are available for your web editors. No need to manually check consent form on people depicted in images, it's all taken care of in QBank. With rights management you make sure that everything available for publishing is up to date, on-brand and consistent with the company brand guidelines.

Automatically add images in accurate sizes and formats

Configurate QBank with your preferred image and video formats, automatically delivered to the CMS image bank. Eliminating the risk of heavy files with long loading times.

Maximize your website investments with a DAM

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