Powerful DAM Statistics for in-depth analysis

With QBank you are in full control of your assets and can optimize your efforts. By testing and evaluating you can always improve your output and make insight-driven decisions.

Cross-tool analytics

While the statistics in QBank is great, it gets even better when you pull statistics from your integrated tools. One of our customers who pulled statistics from the social media management platform Brandwatch as well as QBank were able to increase their social media engagement rates by staggering 400 % and decrease cost of agency produced content by 50%.

Statistics for growing DAM usage

Analyzing your DAM efforts in a way of learning and growing your DAM usage and will help you see if your efforts are worth your while. With QBank there is always something to add or tweak to optimize, with statistics you enable it.

Test, evaluate, optimize

While not everyone is using an agile method, most can relate to the importance of good statistics to back your decisions. With great statistics, testing and optimizing your efforts is so much easier.
In-depth analytics

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