Moodboards - the most popular collaboration feature in QBank

Imagine having to share 100 high-res photos or CAD drawings with your team. With QBank you can instantly share assets, share comments, and feedback straight from within QBank using a feature we call a Moodboard.

In-house collaborations

In-house creative teams often need to share assets and proofread text for consistency and accuracy. To help speed up the process we created Moodboards, a temporary branded website where you easily add assets using drag-n-drop. The Moodboard link can be sent to your team members, you can choose if you wish to secure your Moodboard with a PIN or if it should be shared by link only. In the Moodboard your team members can upload new versions to assets and add comments, you set the rules.
External Moodboard-B

Collaborate with external teams using Moodboards

Another great use of Moodboards is importing files from external stakeholders. Not only will you get assets uploaded and easily added to your QBank, but also you can determine what metadata you want the uploader to add to the files. For example, you can have your photographer add photos into a Moodboard and choose to add the exif data of each image added to selected properties. A true time-saver.

Design your Moodboard to ensure brand consistency

Designing your Moodboard according to your brand guidelines and specific target audiences is popular among QBank customers. That way you can be consistent in your communication and deliver an on-brand experience.

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