Our Management Team

Meet the Management Team at QBank

Anna Ferreira Gomes

Anna Ferreira Gomes is the company CEO and also responsible for revenue generation processes for QBank. She is a seasoned sales leader with proven experience driving success for high-growth SaaS companies, such as Meltwater and Datscha. Anna brings a unique mix of operational and strategic competence.

Hootan Soheilzad

Business Development Officer
Hootan Soheilzad is one of the co-founders of QBank. With 20 years of experience within the field of Digital Asset Management he brings a unique set of skills and industry experience to our customers and the QBank management team.

Anna Söderbärj

Head of Strategic Projects
Anna Söderbärj, oversees all of QBanks implementation projects. Anna has worked as a project manager for several years within different companies and business areas.

Sofie Samrell

Sofie Samrell oversees all of QBank's marketing and communications activities. She brings a unique mix of marketing and strategic communications experience, previously working as the head of the marketing department at Fasticon Holding AB.

Fredrik Berglund

Head of Product and Development
Fredrik Berglund is responsible for product management and development at QBank. He adds structure and control to product management, previously working as Product Director of Business Area Public Sector Sweden at Formpipe Software AB.

Elin Wallin

Elin Wallin oversees all of QBank's Finance, ISO and HR  activities. Previously working as the head of the finance department at SHL Medical AB.