Meet QBank's smart AI features

QBank’s AI features are time-saving functions for automating tasks. With features like reverse image search, you can add more value to your DAM efforts.

Get more from image analysis

AI is great in so many ways, and enables you to do much more faster. By using AI for automation and analysis you are getting the most out of your DAM. It is efficient, fast and will save you a lot of time.

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Add searchability with reverse image search

Advanced searchability is a must. That's why we spent a lot of attention on the search features of QBank. With reverse image search you can search your QBank library with an image, to see if there is a similar one uploaded to your QBank already or to find the original. There are numerous ways to use this, for example, if you have thousands of stock photos, and you need to find one in the same color tone as an image you recently used, simply run a reverse image search within QBank and find a match. Discover more about AI-powered reversed image search. 

Auto-tagging and suggested keywords

The AI-functionalities in a DAM can open a lot of doors and ultimately save you a lot of time. One of these features is auto-tagging, which can be set up to fit your specific processes.

For instance, if someone outside of your organization, such as an agency or a photographer, needs to upload files to your system. By setting up properties for them to add, you can make sure that your assets are already tagged with the correct metadata when you accept them to your QBank.

Using the suggested keywords feature, you will get a set of suggestions based on AI image analysis, making the tagging of assets more efficient.


QBank Video AI features

Working with video is time consuming and requires powerful tech. With QBank you can do a lot of that heavy lifting inside the DAM. With features like automatic subtitles and translations you can make your videos ready for publishing on multiple channels, on multiple markets and with subtitles in multiple languages without having to render for hours.

Ready to see our AI-features in action?