Inriver Integration for QBank DAM

Are you struggling to manage your digital assets efficiently? Discover the power of seamless Digital Asset Management (DAM) with the Inriver integration for QBank DAM. Unlock a world of possibilities for your business!

DAM integration for PIM

QBank integration for inriver PIM is a powerful and tailored extension of your QBank system.

Enrich your product information processes with a tailored DAM integration to enable streamlined workflows and efficiently adding images to products in inriver. With the integration, you stay in control of images, videos and product information.


QBank integration for inriver

Integrating your PIM with a Digital Asset Management platform is like getting the best out of two worlds. With QBank's enhanced API you can easily integrate with inriver PIM. Our inriver integrations are tailored to fit every customers specific needs. By using automated workflows, we create an efficient and user-friendly dialogue between the systems.
Control of all assets
Use accurate product images in your distribution channels, while staying in full control of uploaded and published assets.
Automated workflows
By adding automated workflows to your product lifecycles your digital assets can seamlessly move in-between teams and systems.
Brand Consistency
Stay consistent in your marketing efforts like product campaigns and seasonal branding, in multiple channels.
Smart efficiency
Building an integrated ecosystem that enable you to work more efficiently and shorten your time-to-market.