QBank - helping fashion/retail win in a digital era

Fashion and retail brands have an increasing need to optimize the customer experience at every single touchpoint, both in-store or online. An ever-growing content library of images, videos, and brand materials calls for efficient organization and distribution. With QBank you can speed up your time-to-market, automate marketing workflows, and enable easy collaboration.

Integrate your PIM to enable smart automations

By integrating QBank with your PIM, your product data will be automatically connected to the correct image using tagging. The PIM integration will help optimize your search results in QBank as well as allow for automated workflows to be triggered by certain actions. For example connecting a wholesale order to the specific assets for that order, easily giving your wholesale accounts instant access to the correlating images.

One central hub for all your assets

QBank is all about managing your company's digital assets in one central location. Use the media portal feature to share your images with wholesale partners, distributors, creative agencies, and in-house teams all in one place.
You set the rules and decide who can do what so that only relevant content is distributed to the right channels.

Automated personalized e-mail marketing at scale

Using our automated content creation feature, you’ll be able to send out personalized marketing e-mails with images tailored to the wants and needs of each individual customer.

Popular integrations for fashion/retail

Manage all your digital assets in one central location