Brand Managers without a DAM - how do you keep up?

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Brand Managers’ are responsible for at least one brand, an extensive amount of content and a number of channels for distribution. Managing this without a DAM and a long-lasting architecture of your Martech Stack will cost you time and money (and possibly multiple headaches). Brand Managers, here are some areas that can be improved with QBank DAM.

Marketers today are facing challenges in terms of higher demands on content, more distribution channels, higher engagement goals and a never resting technical development. With a staggering amount of data that has to be analyzed in order to produce right content for the right channel – Marketers sure stay busy. 

ROCI – Return on Content Investment

You might have come across ROI or return on investment, but what we like to focus on is return on content investment (ROCI). In other words, how much do you spend on your content, and is it worth it?  

With a DAM solution in place you can analyze what content is used, by how many and in what markets. That’s an easy way to see if you are over-producing content that aren’t published or used in the end. We have a customer that have cut their content production cost by 50 % while increasing their social engagement rate by 400 %. How about that ROCI? 

Brand Consistency

Enabling brand consistency is a crucial part of successful Marketing efforts, but it can be exhausting to keep track without proper supportive tools. With QBank you will be in full control of your assets, you can easily replace assets or content that has expired or is inaccurate. The key is to stay in control and keep track of what's being published.

Distribution of assets is not only for external stakeholder, you are probably sharing assets within your organization as well. What if you could push sales material to multiple sales teams across markets and in different languages simultaneously, and with the possibility to upload a new version in QBank if you need to add information.

Living your brand through brand consistency, is a valuable QBank business effect.


With more content you probably have more distribution channels. If not integrated with your Martech Stack, you have to spend a lot of time on loading up content on different platforms. Integrating a solution like QBank to your CMS, inDesign, PowerPoint, PIM, ERP etc. enables you to push content from QBank which saves a lot of time. With our rights management you can easily control what assets or content should be available in what channels and by which user.

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