Workflow for Creative Content Production

Content creation with multiple stakeholders can be complex. A lot of emails back and forth with multiple versions of files and numerous of comments to keep track of. Let us introduce you to a more efficient way - the QBank Creation Workflow.

This process is expensive, it takes a lot of time and involves a lot of editing. And without a proper tool it is extremely time-consuming to just keep track of new versions of content and managing comments and ideas from different team members.

Creation Workflow

So, QBank has built a feature to support teams in turning inefficient and time-consuming content productions into efficient Content Production Machineries. We call the feature Creation Workflow and it’s a workspace where you and your team can share content, comments, versions and ideas. The workspace is built as a moodboard* template, a website with password access or link-only entrance, that you can share with internal or external stakeholders. This add-on feature is set up together with experts from our Implementation Team you will customize your creation workflow with your process steps and a layout according to your brand guidelines.

This can be a game-changer for companies working with external agencies, design partners and large in-house Teams. Instead of emailing comments and changes to each other, you can coordinate it from one place. You can follow up comments and view all versions and progresses throughout your creation process. And the best of all – you have no problem sharing those huge production files.

*A moodboard is a temporarily website for sharing assets internally or externally. Learn more about how to have interactive teamwork using moodboards.

An example of the workflow

The following steps is an example of how a process could work. Remember that this can be customized to better fit your creation processes and requirements.

Set up

When adding the Creation Workflow feature you will set up the template with our Implementations Team. Now, to set up a new creation workflow for a campaign, add a new Moodboard and add who should have access. Invite through the email function in QBank or copy the link to share in your email client.

Step 1 - Create

Add assets to the workspace and you are ready for your team’s comments or ideas. The asset can be viewed on the screen or downloaded. On each asset you can add comments and chose if the asset should go to approve or if a new version should be added.


Step 2 - Approve

When an asset is approved it appears here. Now you are close to publishing. But, if in doubt you can pull the asset back to the creation phase and make changes or discuss ideas.


Step 3 – Publish

The last step in this workflow is publishing. When your assets end up here, they are ready for publishing. Where it should be published the workflow editor control.



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