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Setting up your DAM according to your business processes is equally important to following up on your efforts and evaluate. Since keeping your DAM optimized is an ongoing project we urge our customers to perform an annual evaluation.

Keeping your Enterprise DAM solution in shape is not hard, but requires a few actions. If you have selected a flexible DAM solution your actions doesn't have to be that problematic, at all. 

We often mention the importance of optimizing your DAM, and by that we basically mean that you should align your DAM efforts with your business processes. That is how you will meet valuable business effects like consistency, time-savings and shorter time-to-market.


We suggest you perform a thorough evaluation at least once a year, to keep your DAM up to date. Let's kick off by looking at your performance the last 12 months. Look at your KPI's - how did you perform?

Assets performance - How many assets did you upload, and how many was downloaded during the year? Is it more or less than you expected? What about types of assets, has the number of uploaded videos increased, have you uploaded more presentations than previous year? Can you spot any new patterns in your asset's performance?

Taxonomy and Metadata - The core of your DAM and what enables findability is of course extremely important. Are your classifications accurate? What about your metadata, is it up-to-date and do you follow your metadata scheme?

Usage - How is the usage effecting your efficiency? Are you publishing all your content, or do you over-produce content? Make sure to create ROCI (Return on Content Investment). What about distribution channels - any new patterns in usage and downloads?

New features and settings - QBank is an ever-evolving system and new features are added continuously, which enables you to take your DAM game further. Have a look at what you can automate further and how your workflows can perform lean. Maybe there are new features that allows new types of workflows.

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Collaborations - Take a good look at your business process and make sure that your DAM efforts are well aligned. If you need a hand from a DAM expert - contact us for best practice.  

Integrations - With growing tech stacks and more frequent usage of open API's you basically can't afford not to integrate your systems. Have a look at our integration possibilities.

Daily Operations - How are your administrators and editors performing, do they need support or additional education. Have a look at how you train your internal stakeholders. Is everyone agreed on your internal routines? How did you work with QBank training the past year? What about new users, how do you train them? Make sure you have a solid strategy for performance, training and how to stay updated with the latest QBank features and updates. 

Adding new teams - Many of our customers start using QBank for marketing material but add new departments ongoing, like R&D, HR, Sales and design.


When you have a clear picture of your performance and current position it is time to adjust. If you are satisfied with your performance you might not need to add anything, but likely you will at least do some fine tuning. More likely, you will find several areas of improvements, adding new features, departments and users to your DAM. 


Goals and KPI's should be used as your compass. Did you meet your goals and did your KPI's help you to navigate towards them? Keep in mind that your goals should be measurable and don’t set them too high. Learn more about customized KPI's.

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If you're not on top of your evaluation, maybe it is time to contact us for help. We are happy to assist you and show you best practise.

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