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The importance of accurate KPI's when calculating Return on Investment are crucial. With customized KPI's based on your business processes you will measure improvements efficiently. Not sure where to start? Relax, we will give you a few great tips.

It doesn't really matter if it’s your first or fifth year with a DAM system, you should definitely have a look at your performance. Not only will you get a valuable overview of your assets and their performance but it is also an important tool for calculating return on investment (ROI). And with today’s higher demands on efficiency not creating ROI is not an option.

A crucial part of creating ROI is definitely to keep a close eye on your KPI’s. But what KPI's are suitable for you to look at? And how can QBank meet your requirements and needs for analyzing all that data?

QBank Statistics

This is the place for statistic deep diving, and where you can retrieve your data.

The basic stats
What KPI’s to analyze should be based on your business processes and some of them usually has to be customized. But there are a set of basic KPI’s in QBank that most users can make use of, like;

  • User stats. Specific users and time of usages
  • Asset downloads
  • Most published assets
  • Asset views
  • Most popular asset types


Customized stats
Adding customized KPI's are incredibly valuable for a data-driven business. But before setting up your KPI's, make sure to focus on your business processes and keep in mind that a KPI should help you measure improvements.

Examples of customized KPI's;

  • views of a specific moodboard
  • views of assets pushed to Facebook the last month
  • how often your resellers update their portal
  • marketing campaign performance

With QBank's open API you also can integrate your DAM to a Business Intelligence tool for even more advanced KPI's.


QBank Dashboard

The QBank Dashboard is a new feature of 2020. With the dashboard you will easily follow your daily KPI’s and keep track of stats and operations. Below you can get a quick overview of the feature. 



Evaluate and adjust

We strongly recommend our users to perform an annual evaluation, including assessments and adjustments. The QBank Dashboard is a great tool for the daily overview but for the annual audit you should dig deeper into the features of the Statistics tab. As with any evaluation you should analyze, adjust and set goals.


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