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We are reaching the end of the year, are you ready to take a look at how your DAM year turned out? As important as it is to set up your DAM according to your goals and visions, it is to follow up on your efforts. Is it time to scale up your DAM, change a workflow or add a new integration?

Maybe this is your first year with a DAM or your fifth, either way you should have a look at your performance. In QBank you have a number of statistics to use for a follow up. You can get analytics for how many times an asset has been published or downloaded, how many assets you’ve uploaded throughout the year.

Follow up

If you did a thorough work in the beginning of the year you set up some goals for your DAM. If you didn’t you can use this year's follow up to set up goals for 2019. Either way, let's kick off with looking at your performance during the last 12 months.

Start with an evaluation of your assets. How many assets did you upload and how many was downloaded during the year? Is it more or less than you expected? What about types of assets, has the number of uploaded videos increased, have you uploaded more presentations than previous year? Can you spot any new pattern in your asset's performance? Also, have a look at your storage, are you running out soon or do you have enough left.

Is your QBank optimized to support you in working efficiently with your assets? Maybe it is, but since QBank is an ever-evolving system and new features are added continuously, you might be able to up your DAM game further. Have a look at what you can automate further and how your workflows can perform in a more lean way. Have you made changes in your Martech stack during the year, but haven't taken the step to integrate it with QBank yet? Consider your collaboration possibilities and work more agile.

Moving on to your team performance and how you are running your daily work. Have a look at how you train your internal stakeholders. Is everyone agreed on your internal routines? How did you work with QBank training the past year? What about new users, how do you train them? Except for your assets, your team is your most important stakeholder, they're the ones who enables consistency and reach. Make sure you have a solid strategy for performance, training and how to stay updated with the latest QBank features. 


Now it’s time to get your DAM ready for next year. When you have stated what needs to be adjusted you just have to get to it.  

  1. Usage - how are your administrators and editors performing, do they need support or additional education.

  2. Rights Management - Are your rights settings up to date or has something changed throughout the year.

  3. Workflows - Have a look at your current automization's to determine if they can be updated or changed. Maybe there are new features that allows new types of workflows. Add new ones that you’ve come to realize you need.

  4. Metadata is key when working with DAM, if you don’t have this properly set up it will show in your daily work. Have a look at your metadata scheme to evaluate if you need to adjust it. When it comes to tags you can get a great overview in QBank - go to the Administration tab and go to Properties - Keywords.

  5. Have a look at your Martech Stack, is it optimized, or can you do some integrations to support you in running your team more agile or effective.

Set goals 

Time to prepare for coming year and determine what you would like to achieve in December of 2019. Keep in mind that your goals should be able to measure and don’t set them too high. Before setting your new goals, make sure you are updated on the latest QBank features to make sure you haven't missed anything. To keep up with new features follow our LinkedIn page, sign up to our newsletter or have a look at what we released in 2018 and our 2019 Roadmap.

Some additional tips!

In QBank Knowledge Base you'll find articles and tips on running your DAM. You can also have a look in previous blog posts where you’ll find a lot of helpful information. If you need support from us at QBank, just reach out via our support form and we will help you. Do you need help with workshops or training, reach out to us and we will help you!

Good luck!

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