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As the campaign season approaches, marketers gear up for busy times with multiple campaigns. Managing marketing campaigns involves handling lots of content and working with different people. For example, a Christmas campaign may involve sharing content on various paid and organic platforms like emails, social media, and websites.

Creating and managing campaigns can take a lot of time, especially with different image sizes and working with different people.

If you're not accustomed to working on campaigns regularly, creating a holiday banner or header for all the different communication channels can be quite a task. You would need to make 12 different versions to accommodate the various sizes required. This is where QBank comes in to save the day.

But QBank DAM has great features to make it easier.

Version Control of assets

QBank keeps track of different versions of your assets, so you always know what's new and who added it.


Some would argue version control is the number one QBank perk, especially if you are working on a team. Keeping track of versions can be time-consuming. Instead of adding new versions as a new media, QBank keep track of your versions. You can always see the history of who and when a new asset has been added.

Always in control, always updated.

Since you usually have some copy to go with your images or rich media, this can also be uploaded in QBank. The same goes for text files.

Campaign folders

You can organize all the content related to a campaign in a special folder. This helps keep everything together and makes it easy to find.

A campaign folder is a filter folder set up with campaign related properties. For example, it could be a folder that collect everything with a specific metadata tag you use for campaign material, like Christmas or Black Friday. You can also filter on date, a nice feature since campaigns are usually tied to a specific timeframe. 

Coop Norway is a large retailer within grocery and construction goods, and a QBank user that use the campaign folder feature. They have 1200 stores throughout Norway and online stores. Coop Norway use campaign folders to keep all of their many campaigns up to date.

For example, when they are heading towards Christmas their campaign folders are set to push their Christmas logo version to all their published channels. During those three weeks the logos are changed and when time is up, QBank switches back to the regular logo. Imagine switching all those logos manually.

A nice feature that can save you a lot of time.

Moodboards for sharing and upload of assets

Moodboards are branded boards shared with an URL where you can show work-in-progress to others for feedback and approval.

External Moodboard-B

For work in progress you can use Moodboards for sharing texts for proof reading, or ads, banners and art work for approval rounds.

The great thing about using this feature is that you document everything, from comments to new versions. With the Moodboard you decide who will get access and what that person is allowed to do in terms of upload, download, read-only, comment etc. You can also protect your moodboards with password for a secure interaction.

If you wish to share material with an agency and you need them to send you material, you simple give them permission to upload assets on your Moodboard, and it will be uploaded in QBank waiting for your approval. Bye bye FTP-servers and large email attachments.

Published campaign within seconds

You can quickly share your campaign content with your audience using QBank DAM. It's easy to publish on websites, social media, and other places. Within seconds you can have your ads, banners, prints reaching thousands of people, or just that one specific one important to you. 

How your content is published depends on how your QBank is integrated with the rest of your Martech Stack.

If you have added connectors or integrated QBank with other communications tools like CMS (Optimizely, Sitecore, WordPress) or social media channels (Facebook, YouTube) you can easily publish your campaigns directly from within QBank.

With the connector for Brandwatch you have a great campaign tool for your social media posts, and you add images or videos to preferred campaign from within QBank as well. If you are an advanced social media user, with multiple social media channels you should have a look at this connector. Not only is it amazing for campaigns, but it keeps track of your engagements and followers, offer you great statistics and a planning tool to help you get a great overview.

Take a look at all our possible integrations and connectors below 


With QBank DAM's easy-to-use features, managing campaigns becomes a breeze. It saves time and makes the process smoother. If you have any questions about these features, feel free to contact us

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