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Are you considering adding a DAM to your Martech Stack, and taking control of your digital assets? This post is for you - three reasons to invest. 

When dealing with digital assets there are several things that needs to be attended in order to keep your things together. At QBank we keep coming back to three basics of a DAM - store, manage and share.

1. One storage

Maybe, you are familiar to having your assets spread out among your team or organization, or do you use a shared folder on a server. There are many different ways to store your precious assets, some better than others. For those of you who are not in control of your assets, a DAM is like heaven on earth. It will actually take you seconds to find that specific image you are searching for. Thanks to the metadata tag you add to your assets when importing them to QBank images are one search away.

Even if you do feel that you are in control of your assets and store them in a way that is available to your team - keep on reading and you will get what the fuzz with a DAM is all about.

QBank can store any file type, in any size. Simply put, import your originals and predetermine your most common image template, like images for powerpoint presentations, website images or images for printing, and QBank will resize and auto-crop after your needs.

2. Managing Assets

Working with digital assets and marketing material can easily get messy. Not only are you dealing with many files, there are also different file types and mostly in large sizes. Without a tool like a DAM it is extremely difficult to work efficiently with your digital assets. Just try to send large files to your ad agency or receiving new photographs from your photographer. Sure, you can use ftp-servers or tools like Sprend, but what if you could use one central hub and have your photographer add photos instantly to your DAM, with embedded metadata.

Every QBank is set up with several basic features that are always included. To mention a few:

Version control – Add a new version to your original. All older versions can be reached but are grouped so you only see one thumbnail. A great feature if you are multiple editors.

Rights managements - When it comes to rights management it can be applied to both assets and users. Rights management for users enable you to control which users should have access to what assets. For example, your Web Editors should have access to images approved for the web, and maybe not to assets for social media or confidential assets. An easy way to ensure brand consistency as well as the legal aspect of using images. With QBank you can add expiration dates for the copyrights of an asset and you will be notified when it is due. You will not risk using images without accurate copyright. ­­­­­

Moodboards – With the tool Moodboards you can share your assets on a temporary website. By adding chosen assets and what download templates should be available, you can share images and document within your organization or with external stakeholders. You can also use it the other way around for gathering external images or documents. For example, if you have external photographers, they can upload their photos to a Moodboard and it will automatically be imported to QBank, pending for your approval.

3. Sharing

Working with multiple communications channels is the new normal, gone are the times when your only digital channel was your website. Multiple channels are great, but it is also very time consuming. Those of you working in a Communications Department knows exactly what I refer to. We spend a lot of time on publishing our assets to all of these channels. . 

With QBank you can publish assets to a wide range of channels, watch our video on publishing to learn more.


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