Naming conventions for photos

What Is a Naming Convention? A naming convention is a framework for naming your files in a specific way. It is important that folders and assets are named in a consistent and logical manner so they can be located, identified and retrieved as quickly and easily as possible.

Learn how to name your digital assets

The naming conventions should be consistent across your organization, but how do you best structure them? In order to follow one naming pattern through an entire collection of files, it's important to think about your collection and plan ahead. 

In our guide "Naming Conventions for Photos" we will give you ready-to-use tips on how to name photos. In many organizations the same photos are used by multiple teams or departments and it's not uncommon that everyone use their own naming pattern. Agreeing on a naming convention will increase efficiency and increase findability throughout your DAM.

We will also give you valuable tips on what not to do.


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