Enjoy Seamless Production Graphic Collaborations

Storing production graphic content in the cloud benefits designers by making all digital assets readily accessible for internal and external stakeholders. QBank helps clients streamline project workflows by providing a single hub for production graphic review, collaboration, and distribution. These data centers offer exceptional functionality and advanced security to protect digital assets. Let’s explore the advantages of using QBank for graphic production storage.

Improve Workflows

Customers enjoy QBank’s innovative solutions for improving workflows. Designed to meet an organization’s specific requirements, the system offers simple and effective options for storing digital files. Just drag and drop images into graphic design software, such as Photoshop or InDesign. Working seamlessly with a client’s preferred third-party technology, our system offers direct access to media in moments.

In a simple-to-use dashboard, QBank users experience intuitive technology designed to simplify how creative teams store and distribute production graphic projects. By assigning specific roles in the cloud, a team leader controls which stakeholders access important files. With a few simple clicks, a designer may search and retrieve applicable files to complete creative projects. Supervisors may access production graphics to review employee or contractor deliverables. With our innovative system, clients' teams may collaborate across internal divisions or across the globe.

Enhance Production Graphic Quality

Maintaining brand consistency and quality is essential for building customer loyalty. With QBank’s enhanced sharing tools, stakeholders effectively collaborate in the cloud. Sharing production graphic content is simple with the use of mood boards, which are designed to allow for sharing creative elements with one or multiple collaborators. From soliciting feedback to sending a final version for review, our SaaS simplifies the collaborative process.

As an effective tool for managing multiple creative elements, the software helps users track the lifecycle of each design element. Clients may store digital assets in the cloud-based data center, scale graphics, and manage file sizes. Offering the convenience of accessing production graphic files around the clock, QBank helps clients enhance creativity and brand content quality.

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