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Online press rooms drive an organization's brand reputation. By offering in-depth information about a group's business, the press room attracts reporters and opens opportunities for placing credible news stories in media publications and platforms. Here are five easy steps for integrating QBank solutions to develop a practical press room and jumpstart public relations initiatives.

Online Press Room Purpose

Traditional online press rooms offer links to press releases and information. Fortunately, QBank's innovative technology scales information, allowing reporters to easily find announcements and press releases about timely topics related to the business. As the go-to portal for reporters and online influencers to find out about an organization, the online press room is essential to public relations strategies. With a few simple clicks, website visitors may retrieve press releases, images, and videos which highlight a group's recent news.

Web designers integrate the traditional press room with digital asset management (DAM) software for powerful functionality. It's easy to find online press room examples with a quick search engine query. From video news releases to impactful photographs, hosting all news media in our intuitive cloud enhances press relationships by improving navigation. With advanced solutions, media teams develop a well-organized process for launching news initiatives, streaming videos, and announcing important events. Easy to find and search engine friendly, metadata-enhanced press documents improve an organization's chances of attracting a reporter's interest.

By making press releases easy to access, public relations professionals ensure news editors may easily retrieve necessary data sheets and documents. With drag-and-drop functionality and cut-and-paste access, an editor may quickly choose topics of interest for publication from the online press room.


Impactful pictures drive home an organization's messaging. Drawing a reader's attention with a single glance, images and videos are essential to an online press room's effectiveness. A group enhances its reputation by carefully selecting dynamic, influential photos to share with press contacts. New technologies are transforming the way digital press rooms manage images. With an online media library, reporters may easily search for and retrieve logos, executive images, and product photos. Videos offer more detailed information in the form of podcasts, b-roll, speeches, and commercials.

Processing files from multiple channels, cloud-based systems analyze and retrieve digital assets on demand. Large organizations store millions of images related to historical and timely news stories. By digitizing these files, organizations may create an impactful digital image library, which is available for press around the clock. Using artificial intelligence solutions, QBank's DAM helps online press rooms evolve and implement innovative solutions. Quick responses to reporter queries translate into news publication. On-demand access to images ensures that each editor has what he needs to share a news story with the world.


A well-designed website introduces news outlets to a wide range of company information. From white papers to leadership profiles, these documents showcase valuable news to promote an organization. With new technologies, reporters may now access an organization's history in the cloud. A press room may offer detailed technical documents, data sheets, and schedules for upcoming events. With all the background information at a reporter's fingertips, digital asset management helps companies improve press coverage.

Leveraging expertise from internal stakeholders, an organization may solidify its position as the thought leader for a specific industry. Distributing videos, blogs, articles, and columns to influence global audiences is simple with QBank's online press room software. As the preferred choice of many multinational corporations, our SaaS effectively organizes news deliverables. With seamless technology, stakeholders enjoy 24/7 access to media assets in the cloud. Whether updating a news release or altering streaming content, public relations professionals may leverage robust digital solutions for distributing news and streaming video news releases to editors across the globe.

Ease of use

Streamlining the press room process is essential for news professionals who access the website. Highlighting the online press room from an organization's home page instantly attracts readers who are searching for news and information.

In cases of a trending or viral news story, advanced technology completes automated news delivery on demand. Customizable to meet an organization's specific needs, an online press room demonstrates an organization's value while providing news and information quickly. For international organizations, news spans across the globe, and simplicity is key to managing the media ecosystem.


When a news organization is performing research, the company's online press room must offer digital press clips of historical coverage. Keeping track of news clippings is vital for directing reporters in the direction of positive information. As coverage increases, reporters and editors begin to recognize an organization's news value.

An online press room is an essential aspect of an overall public relations plan. It offers detailed news and information to enhance an organization's reputation. At QBank, we collaborate with clients to develop effective, customized solutions for news storage and distribution. Global companies choose our company's powerful SaaS for storing, managing, and delivering important news and information across the world.

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