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QBank has recently released a plugin for the publishing system Roxen. QBank is a hub for managing all media files, used by editors for instance. This includes everything from images, illustrations, videos or audio. This plugin will offer Roxen’s clients a more full-service solution for Digital Asset Management.

QBank uses an open interface, which makes it possible to create plugins designed for other systems. This creates a value for clients as they can maintain their current investments and complete with better image and video management in the organisation and technical systems. Roxen’s users will have an easier time locating and using material from a central location. Roxen is today used by about 100 publications in 22 countries spanning over 4 continents. 

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) is the first plugin user and the need for a central hub for image and video management is vital.

”QBank’s integration with Roxen enhances production of the magazine Entreprenör, by decreasing the number of processes as well as eliminating double-work. It has been a very good collaboration for us,” says Nicklas Mattson, Senior Publisher at The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. 


About Roxen

Roxen is a Swedish software development company, providing editorial and content management software to customers in areas such as media, telecom and higher education. The product offering consists of Roxen Editorial Portal, a web based editorial system for publishing in both print and online, Roxen News Website, an out-of-the-box news website, and Roxen CMS, the extremely powerful content management software beneath it all, suitable for demanding web sites. Roxen has offices in Sweden, the Netherlands, and in the U.S. Further information about Roxen can be found at www.roxen.com 


About QBNK Holding AB (publ)

QBank's mission is to provide companies and government agencies cloud-based products and services in Digital Asset Management. The company is growing at 30-40% per year.

The ticker symbol for the stock is: QBNK 
ISIN code of the company's shares is: SE0005934023

For more information, please contact:
Carl Petruson, CEO
QBNK Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46 8-459 99 90
e-mail: carl.petruson@qbank.se 

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