QBank CEO, Anna Gomes, presents at Redeye SaaS Day

Investor Relations (IR)


Redeye, a leading platform that connects investors with Nordic SaaS companies, is hosting an event where Anna Gomes, CEO of QBank, will present the latest company developments.
This presentation will take place on June 5 at 11:45 CET.

The presentation is live broadcasted and can be followed at: https://www.redeye.se/events/972385/redeye-theme-saas-2 where the replay and the presentations also will be available afterwards.

About QBank
QBNK's mission is to empower organizations to efficiently manage, leverage, and maximize the value of their digital assets through our cloud-based products and services in Digital Asset Management.

The ticker symbol for the stock is: QBNK
ISIN code of the company's shares is: SE0007278726

For more information, please contact:
Anna Gomes - CEO
QBNK Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46 70 720 46 67, Email: anna.gomes@qbank.se

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