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Since November 8, we have a new CEO. We sat down with Jonas Bergh and asked him how his first two weeks have been. Former CEO Carl Petruson will remain a member of the QBank board.

Welcome to QBank, how does it feel to be here?Jonas Bergh

Thanks, it feels great! It’s fun and inspirational. QBank offers a state of the art Digital Asset Management solution to clients with high ambitions. The DAM industry is a super exiting niche with a strong growth. Efficient and smart technology for handling images, videos and text files is crucial if you want to keep up with current digital march.

What did you do before QBank?
I have been working within IT and digitalization since 1993.  I have been CEO of a Swedish listed consulting company, and been Sales Director at a global software company. I have also experience as an entrepreneur, and have founded and built up organizations.   

You are experienced – but which experiences will be useful at QBank?
I have a long and wide experience of building successful organizations within the IT and Digitalization industry. I believe that will come in handy in when QBank is continuing its development. Successful businesses often develop strong organizational culture and core values. In parallel with common core values you need to acknowledge that your coworker’s differences and strengths are given the opportunities to thrive.

How do you believe QBank can evolve?
It is crucial for every business to have a strategic and comprehensive plan, that your coworkers understand and wants to work towards on a daily basis. QBank has a great team of employees that needs to work innovative, proactive and smart together. If we can manage that we will build a stronger business within our head areas Sales, Customer Support and product development.

Will there be any major changes at QBank?
Every business need to continuously evolve, otherwise you risk being history in today’s rapidly changing context… But in general, I am a firm believer of step-by-step and current changes rather than radical changes. We will continue to focus in efficiently develop our innovative cloud services we offer our clients, to support them in being more productive and profitable.

Last question, who is Jonas as a person?
I have always been interested in sports and therefore it is natural and stimulating for me to work goal-oriented. My style of leadership is founded on the importance of supporting coworkers in founding their “Core Genius”.

When I have some time from work, I bring my family to visit our place in the south west of Sweden. A great place for recovery and inspiration.

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