Forsman & Bodenfors upgrade to QBank 3

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Forsman & Bodenfors will expand their collaboration with QBNK as they have decided to upgrade to the latest version of QBank. Several of their clients will be included in the upgrade, meaning that QBank will be introduced to businesses in industries such as travel, telecommunication, energy and vehicles.

Forsman & Bodenfors have since earler used QBank to deliver final material to their clients. The system has been an effective and consistent method to ensure quality delivery to their clients. The extended collaboration opens up new possibilites for QBank to enlist more agencies as clients to QBank, both Swedish and international.

During the past two years, QBNK has developed a new version of QBank. The aim has been to create a more modern solution better suited for future needs in communication. This adds to our clients being able to reach the market faster with their products.

With the new version we have better margins and less administration and support than before. We've adapted the product after our business solution with partners which increases scalability. We have estimated that a client upgrade will bring new projects for both us and our partners. The total value of this order is about 300 thousand SEK.


About Forsman & Bodenfors

When founded in Sweden 1986 Forsman & Bodenfors was a small independent agency with a vision to create world-class communication. They are still independent and are ranked as one of the best agencies in the world.

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About QBNK Holding AB (publ)

QBank's mission is to provide companies and government agencies cloud-based products and services in Digital Asset Management. The company is growing at 30-40% per year.

The ticker symbol for the stock is: QBNK
ISIN code of the company's shares is: SE0005934023

For more information, please contact:

Carl Petruson, CEO
QBNK Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46 8-459 99 90

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