Aktiespararna: ”Tech company with large potential”

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Aktiespararnas Analysguiden has made an analysis of the company QBNK Holding AB (publ). They provide a positive vision of the future of the company and sets the target price to 3.00 SEK per share.

"The future looks good of substantially growing market. The Company is in the driver's seat facing the industry consolidation", writes Analysguiden . The analysis highlights that images and videos are becoming increasingly business-critical for enterprises and that the companies that work structured and consistent in this area, will have a major competitive advantage. QBNKs service for managing large quantities of images and videos can therefore turn to an important market. QBNK is the market leader in Sweden and aims for further expansion both in Sweden but also overseas.

"We are convinced that there is a great demand for QBNKs software and services. The cash flow is strong and the company has a stable profitability", writes Analysguiden, who also believe in a sales growth of 30-40 percent in the coming years.

The listing on AktieTorget was made without funding, and the company is profitable. In a listed environment, the company and the product will get a better visibility in the market. It also provides a platform to bring in capital and increase the possibilities acquires additional companies in the future.

“A valuation based on future cash flows gives a fair value of SEK 3.00 per share. If the company succeeds in its ambitions, there is significant potential in both projections and value”, says Analysguiden in its valuation of the company.

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About Analysguiden

Aktiespararen, behind the Analysguiden, is a monthly financial magazine. Birger Jarl Fondkommission ("BFK") is an investment company under the supervision of Finansinspektionen. BFK have permission to prepare and distribute investment research and financial analysis and other forms of general recommendations regarding trading with financial instruments. The analyst Åse Lindskog, who prepared this analysis, has no financial interest in or holding financial instruments in QBNK Holding AB and its affiliates.


About QBNK Holding AB (publ)

QBank's mission is to provide companies and government agencies cloud-based products and services in Digital Asset Management. The company is growing at 30-40% per year.

The ticker symbol for the stock is: QBNK
ISIN code of the company's shares is: SE0005934023

For more information, please contact:

Carl Petruson, CEO
QBNK Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46 8-459 99 90
e-mail: carl.petruson@qbank.se

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