Aktiespararna: ”Potential in QBNK Holding.” (Updated)


QBNK is Sweden's leading supplier of services for managing images, movies and presentations. QBNK's result has met expectations and there is potential in the company according to today's stock value.

"QBNK announces in their third quarter-report that the amount of subscribtions corresponds to nearly 80 per cent of their total revenue which makes the company less cyclic.  QBNK has already announced a number of client upgrades and those upgrades will be carried out as early as during the fourth quarter," writes Analysguiden in an updated analysis of the company.

"Overall, we're lowering the target price from 4,10 to 3,80 which still means there's a potential to rise from today's stock value," Analysguiden further dictates.

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About Analysguiden

Aktiespararen, the distributor of Analysguiden, is a journal published monthly. Birger Jarl Fondkommission (BFK) is an investment company under the supervision of Finansinspektionen (Swedens financial supervisory authority). BFK is responsible for tasks such as prepare and distribute reports in investment- and finance analysis as well as other forms of of general recommendations regarding transactions of financial instruments. Analyst Åse Lindskog, who constructed this report, has no economic interest or financial hold of QBNK Holding AB or affiliated companies.


About QBNK Holding AB (publ)

QBank's mission is to provide companies and government agencies cloud-based products and services in Digital Asset Management. The company is growing at 30-40% per year.

The ticker symbol for the stock is: QBNK
ISIN code of the company's shares is: SE0005934023

For more information, please contact:
Carl Petruson, CEO
QBNK Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46 8-459 99 90
e-mail: carl.petruson@qbank.se

Download PDF Download Analysis (Swedish) 

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