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To keep up in today's ever evolving communication landscape it is key to work smart. It's easy to say but sometimes harder to put into motion.

A Digital Asset Management(DAM) is a system to consider to become more efficient in your communications. A DAM will not solve all your problems, but we can promise that your communications department will improve in several areas.

Centralize your assets in one system - No more running around searching for your assets in your department. It's all there, in one place. Store any file; high-res images, videos, presentations and documents.

Stay in control - Keep track of your precious assets with full support for version and consolidated metadata schemas. Re-gain control of your material.

Protect your brand - Avoid using invalid assets, such as old logotypes or images, and increase the brand experience.

Connect and save time

Smart integrations to your current IT solutions will make you even more efficient. QBank has several plugins for CMS, PowerPoint, InDesign, PIM, ERP, etc. These provide you with assets, crop and resize of originals, directly in the publishing or production system. This is where you can save time, otherwise spent on publishing your assets on several different communications channels.

Watch our video on integrations to get a better picture on what it is all about.


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