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Last week was an exciting one for us at QBank. It saw the launch of our new event DAM DAY, a day dedicated to all things Digital Asset Management. We invited our clients and partners to share their experiences of DAM with each other and interested listeners.


Lately we’ve noticed a shift in the corporate digital landscape. Digital Transformation and how to achieve it, seems to be on everyone’s lips. Companies are realizing they need efficient tools to lay a solid foundation in order to succeed in the digital age. More and more clients are realizing that one valuable building block of that foundation should be Digital Asset Management.

However, often when speaking to clients and reviewing their different needs, their questions often boils down to “Where do we even start?” This sparked the idea that we needed some kind of forum where our clients could share their experiences and even inspire each other. Hence, the idea for DAM DAY was born.


We invited two of our clients, Prettypegs and Ericsson, and one partner, iStone, to share their expertise with our attendees. Then we put the word out that we were hosting a day for Digital Asset Management - DAM DAY.

Not soon thereafter we were overbooked!

That’s when we realized that this is something that has been missing from the DAM-community in Sweden. Participants were eager to learn and discuss their own solutions. Best of all, our speakers were happy to share and give their tips. It was pretty DAM magical!


What did we learn?


Prettypegs - the value of images in communication

Prettypegs is a furniture and design startup that offers replaceable furniture legs- bringing identity and style - to your favourite furniture piece. The legs work with a wide range of furniture - regardless of manufacturer. They have found success by mixing imagination, tradition & Scandinavian design with global interior trends in their colourful palette.

They shared their experience when working with digital communication, and how DAM has become a natural tool for them in crafting their messages and reaching their target customers. Images has become a vital part in their communication as one of the reasons for their success is their ability to inspire customers,

Do you want to know more about Prettypegs? You should definitely head over to their inspiring website and check them out!


iStone - Why DAM when you have PIM?

iStone is one of the leading providers of IT-solutions in the Nordics and with a global presence. They were there to shed some light to a question we often hear: Why should you invest in DAM if you already have a PIM (Product Information Management)? 

When it comes to choosing the best IT-solutions to invest in, companies are facing a jungle of vendors out there with similar value propositions. Sometimes when we approach clients we hear that they don’t need DAM since they’ve already invested in PIM. A few months later, we hear back from them when their PIM hasn’t solved their need for managing their assets. Sometimes you need PIM, and sometimes you need DAM. How can you tell which one is best for you? This is what iStone has helped many of our clients with. Are you struggling with finding out if you should you invest in PIM or DAM? Get in touch with us or iStone and we’ll help you out!


Ericsson - managing the brand in a global organization

We invited our long-time client Ericsson who graciously opened up to visitors about the structure and vision behind their extensive media bank. Apart from its main usage - sharing images, documents and other material with external and internal parties - they have found other innovative opportunities to make use of their DAM.

One of them is to host a continuous photography contest for their employees. Apart from engaging their employees in their communication, it has the added benefit of expanding Ericsson’s image library with content with the help of their own employees. Another feature they’ve added is the AdBuilder, which allows editors to create ads and banners based on predefined templates directly from the image bank - without having to run it by a design department.

Want to know more about Ericsson and how to structure a media bank of your own? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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Will we see you next year?

DAM DAY left us with one clear message - the DAM community needs this kind of event again! We’re proud to announce that we’re launching DAM DAY as an recurring concept. We hope to see you next time!


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