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Have your organization decided to start working with a Digital Asset Management? This blog post goes out to you! We have collected a few tips to consider when implementing a DAM.

Images and rich media continue to dazzle us, and every year the use of it increases. This year it is predicted that video will be (even) more popular than last year. How is it even possible you might ask yourselves? Off course you need an effective way to organize your digital assets, that's where a DAM can help you. But, there are steps to consider when implementing a DAM, to make sure you optimize it.

We have helped a lot of organizations with implementations of their DAM, here are a few tips for you to consider.

1. Start small but have your vision ready

Start with one specific need first, and then grow with the implementation. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

2. Get control of your existing assets

Where are they stored? Who’s managing them today? Are there any physical assets that should be handled?

3. Define the workflow

Who should be doing what and how can we automate the process? Which channels need support of DAM? Where does the metadata come from? Are all the channels aligned with the user experience? What communications tools and social media should we integrate with?

4. Metadata

The foundation of a DAM is metadata. Make sure it’s well defined.

5. Define goals and test

Put the vision and goals in place and be ready for testing. Last but not least, collect feedback from the users and follow up your work.

Best of luck!


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