Those DAM buzzwords

We are constantly fed with marketing related buzzwords, and it can be hard to keep up. So, what’s better than a description of a selection of buzzword we use sometimes.

API - Application programming interface. This enables QBank to easily be integrated with other tools, such as CMS, PIM, graphical tools as InDesign, Photoshop.

Metadata – Provides information about other data. When working with a DAM system, you use metadata to describe our assets. This way you can search for assets effectively. 

Connector – An integration between QBank and other tools and platforms. To name a few; Episerver, Sitecore, WordPress, InDesign, Facebook, YouTube, PowerPoint, and Falcon io. Learn more here.

DAM – Digital Asset Management. A system for managing, storing and publishing digital assets.

Martech – Digital Marketing and Technology tools and platforms. Such as CMS, Social Media platforms, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM).

Martech Stack – A group of Digital Marketing and Technology tools and platforms that is used by a marketing team for marketing activities.

Multi-channel - Communicating with your target audience on different platforms. E.g. website, print ad, promo events.

Omni-channel – Multi-channel efforts that provides a customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer gains the same experience regardless if they shop on a desktop, mobile device, phone, or in a physical store.


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