The DAM perspective on Context Marketing

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We’re all familiar to Content Marketing, but my guess is that not all are equally enlighten about Context Marketing. Let's have a look at how QBank DAM can support your Context Marketing efforts.

By the time your organization have learned what your Marketing Department mean by content, another concept is buzzing. But Context Marketing isn’t something new, it’s been around for quite some time, it's just not as common as Content Marketing.

Context marketing is basically marketing for a specific context and is based on personalized and relevant information promoted in Omnichannels. When working with Context marketing, brand consistency is central. Your outcome needs to be accurate to your target audience, the timing needs to be perfect, and it has to be promoted throughout your different communications channels.

It is crucial to be consistent in these channels and that's where a DAM come in handy.

DAM - Store Manage Publish

A DAM or a Digital Asset Management system, is the perfect channel for structuring and organizing your marketing material. A DAM will store, manage and publish your assets; images, logotypes, videos and artwork, and you can use it as a centralized hub. And in a Context Marketing point of view a helping hand to get your omnichannel marketing across.

DAM to the rescue

With a DAM you store your marketing material in one central place, both originals and artwork. It will keep track on versions and you don’t need to be afraid of lost versions or none-approved artwork being visible to anyone but you.

By using pre-determined image templates you don't need to open images in Photoshop for cropping or resizing, QBank will do that for you. By adding templates based on the image sizes you usually use, like images for your website, online shop, powerpoint presentation, you will get your assets published faster.

When it’s time to press ‘Publish’, you control who it should be available for and in what channels. For example, by connecting your DAM to your CMS, you can enable pre-approved assets for selected web editors. The same goes for social media publishing, either through the QBank Connector for Facebook or YouTube, or the social media platform You are in control of who it will be accessible to. 

Digital Asset Management is a great compliment to pursuing your Context Marketing journey. Learn more about how QBank can support your Marketing Team.




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