The DAM Perspective on Media Formats

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At QBank we see a lot of different files and formats every day, and you probably do as well. It’s a part of the digital landscape that everybody encounters. To help you optimize your DAM – here’s a white paper on what media formats to choose.

A frequently asked question is which file formats QBank supports, as most programs only are compatible with a certain set. The short answer is that QBank operates just as your normal file system on your hard drive; it can store any file. Any file on your storage devices can be uploaded to QBank. The long answer is that some files and formats are better suited to use as originals, an important aspect in the DAM perspective.

During February, we focused the blog posts on getting to know a variety of media formats, for Delivery vs. Intermediate, Print vs. Screen, and Streaming vs. Direct Play. We have put together a white paper on the subject - enjoy!


The DAM Perspective - Media Formats




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