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As promised, we are going to push out some new QBank features this fall. First out is a great new tool - Reverse Image Search.

As mentioned in our Roadmap 2019 blog post, we have a number of new features that haven’t yet been promoted and first out is our feature for image search.

Last year we found an algorithm and a service that met our requirements and needs to start working on an image recognition feature. This was an important step for developing AI and Machine Learning based features like our image analysis and facial. With Google Vision you can be recommended what metadata tags to use or learn on what websites your images are published. Discover more about the feature image analysis and metadata enrichments.

This blog post is about another great tool which enables image search and saving you time while managing digital assets.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is used whenever you have an image that you would like to run by your existing images uploaded in QBank. The search tool will support you in finding existing versions, different crops, high-res versions, versions with text or ads.

For example, imagine finding an image that you wish to add to a print campaign, but you only have it in a low-resolution version and you need it in a higher resolution. Then this is the perfect tool, it will immediately find you a high-resolution version, if there is one. Within seconds, you will know.


Adding any asset to QBank is easy, simply drag-and-drop the image into QBank, you don’t have to be in a specific place, just anywhere. If you wish to use the reverse image search you should drag your image to QBank, when hovering within QBank you will see a plate in the bottom “Drop here to reverse image search!”. If you do so, QBank will start searching for a duplicate or other version of the image.

Below is my result for running a reverse image search on the blog post image.

Reverse Image Search - selection

Bye bye, duplicates

To make sure you will not upload duplicates, you cannot upload the image you base your search on, in the same session as the search. You have to add it as a new media, to make sure you aren't adding a duplicate.

Next Step 

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