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Create, share, organize, find the asset, help someone find it… Handling multiple collaboration tools along with manually e-mailing of files back and forth, sometimes sharing the videos, campaign materials, illustrations and logos becomes a job on its own. In this post we’ll share a bit about how our customers are using the QBank Media Portal to manage internal and external asset sharing, all with a custom-branded media bank.

What is it?

In short the media portal is a custom branded media bank for internal and/or external users for search and download. Starting with a standard template we can fully customize it to align with your brand guidelines and specific requirements. 

But that’s not all.

We know you might be working with both media, resellers, internal teams, agencies and we’ve made sure that you can use one portal for multiple brands and multiple users by enabling filtering and advanced user rights. Our customers
use it as a press portal, to share documents, as a reseller portal.

You have the flexibility to create an open section or require login access for additional asset management capabilities.


Get in control of who is using what

With advanced security and user rights management, you can control who sees what, ensuring your assets are always in the right hands. We listen to your needs, whether you need to make complete marketing campaigns available for your resellers to download or require users to sign a license agreement to be able to download an asset from your open portal.

An on-brand experience all the way 

Customize the look of your media portal to reflect your unique brand identity, from using your logo, colors, fonts to using your specific brand voice on buttons and titles. This seamless integration of your brand into the media portal will create a cohesive and professional experience for all users.

Plus, you can add your own custom domain name, to make your media portal truly yours. Easily link to it from your website, intranet or any other channel.


Save time sharing materials with global teams and external users

With a media portal, all your digital assets are stored in one place, making it easy to share campaigns with global teams and external users. No more wasting time searching for files or sending large attachments via email.

Instead, you can focus on driving results.

It’s important to evaluate what’s working and what’s not so that you’re not wasting your time on things that don’t move the needle and focusing on the things that move you closer to your goals.

I hope this mini deep dive into how you can use the Qbank media portal has inspired you to take a fresh look at the creative ways you can use it. Curious about media portals? Register for our FREE live webinar here 


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