QBank launches integrations to Azure, Dropbox and AWS

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At QBank we are continually growing our stack of integration tools, and this month is no exception. This launch is all about Cloud service providers!

We are excited to introduce a number of new integration possibilities to QBank. A great way for our customers to build a smart and integrated Martech stack with QBank as the centralized hub. As the importance of a durable system architecture is increasing we are happy to introduce a few new cloud service-integrations. 

New cloud integrations

So, what about those new integrations. We are excited to now offer integrations to three highly appreciated cloud solution providers on the market.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon AWS

With these new publishing channels, you can easily publish your content to your integrated cloud service provider and it will automatically synchronize your files.

Why would you need cloud storage if you've invested in a DAM? Many organizations are already using a cloud storage solution and therefore aren't too happy in using storage within QBank as well. With the new seamless integrations, you can use all the functionalities of QBank but store everything in your own cloud.

The point is that with each new integration, we make it easier to embed QBank into existing infrastructure, replace old components and build a future proofed system architecture.

This is a QBank Add on feature. Are you interested of a demo of our new integrations?




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