Our Connectors for adobe indesign & photoshop just got even better!

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No matter what business you’re in, the tools you use are essential. If you want to grow and increase productivity, then it’s important to invest in the right equipment for the job. Whilst on the topic of increasing productivity - our Connectors for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop just got even better! Here are our reasons as to why you should integrate InDesign and Photoshop with your DAM Solution.

If you’re interested in developing a unique brand identity and producing quality material for either print or digital. Then it’s a good idea to invest in the instruments designed to meet these needs. By integrating your creative tools like InDesign and Photoshop with your DAM solution, you're provided with instant access to your approved digital assets right from within your Adobe tool’s interface. This allows for instant availability for in-house users and external users with the connector, and so much more. 

Our connectors are updated and available for Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 and if you are interested in learning more about how they can help take your business to new heights, then keep reading.


Key Benefits with QBank's Connector for Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is used by numerous Marketing and Communications Teams worldwide and by using QBank's Connector for Adobe InDesign you access all your files and images within QBank, so there is no need to manually download anything. You never have to suffer from constantly switching apps and windows again - instead, you can instantly access your assets directly from within InDesign. With the drag-and-drop function, the need to manually download each asset is eliminated, and you can easily place your images from QBank to InDesign. 

With the latest version of the InDesign Connector you're now able to open InDesign Template files (indt) directly from QBank, being able to choose if you want to open the Indesign Template file as the original file for making changes OR open it as a new InDesign file with the template applied. The new connector also allows for all the QBank assets used in the InDesign file to be shown in the media details view - giving you more control over associated assets.


Increase Creativity with QBank's Connector for Adobe Photoshop

Staying consistent and on-brand is key when it comes to brand consistency. With QBank’s Connector for Adobe Photoshop, you’re able to make sure you’re only using approved images and accurate Marketing templates. Integrating Photoshop with QBank allows you to gain complete creative control and use it to transform your material into better, more convincing, and convertible content. With the connector your Photoshop files stored in QBank are instantly accessible from within the Photoshop interface - no need to constantly switch apps and windows. The connector also gives you instant access to pre-approved images, saving you time in the creative process. 

The new Connector is even more user-friendly as it allows you to easily import the QBank assets into Photoshop. Simply drag-n-drop and the asset is added as a new layer in the document. Ensures brand consistency, all while in complete creative control of the material you create.

For many creative professionals, InDesign and Photoshop are a must and with QBank’s integration possibilities with the rest of your ecosystem, you can add creativity to your DAM solution.

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