What can neuroscience teach us about marketing? It turns out, quite a lot!

Ever wondered what goes on in our brains when we decide to click ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’? 

Neurons has been uncovering these secrets, and they’re bringing their latest discoveries to DAM Day.

In 2019, Neurons turned heads with their study on one-second marketing. The study showed us that the first second is the make-or-break moment for your marketing masterpiece. That first second is your (only) chance to hook your audience. The research was featured in articles by Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Business Insider and helped transform how marketers create visuals and video for social media.


Fast-forward to now, and Neurons is still a leader in neuromarketing insights. Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, CEO and neuroscientist behind Neurons recently shared the mic with marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk on The GaryVee Audio Experience, diving into how AI and neuromarketing are reshaping the way we understand consumer behavior.

At Neurons they're not just studying brains; they’re mapping them with AI, understanding how our emotions tie to the brands we love, and figuring out what makes us tick when we’re deciding what to buy.

Here’s a sneak peek at what they’ve found:

  • Attention is the gatekeeper: Attention is the main driver of in-market effects and it’s the industry’s number one metric because it’s a coherent and universal human behavior.
  • Digital ads: It takes less than a second to trigger an emotional and memory response. Having a one-second ad strategy is shaping how we approach mobile video advertising.
  • AI is a game-changer: With advanced brain mapping, Neurons is uncovering patterns we never knew existed. This means more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

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“I’m really pleased to see how our studies are being embraced by top brands and agencies. One of our most groundbreaking studies was working with Stanford and Bonnier News to develop the Four powers for advertising success. We distilled billions of behavioral data points to figure out what makes an ad truly effective. In essence, ads need to grab attention, tell a compelling story, persuade the audience, and be memorable—this is our 4 Power Model. Once brands focus on these areas, they can achieve strong business results with their advertising. Thanks to AI and neuroscience, optimizing ads has never been quicker or easier for marketers. And with Neurons AI, any marketer can have this at their fingertips.” Says Dr. Ramsøy

 At DAM Day, he will share how these insights can revolutionize your marketing. Whether you’re in B2C or B2B, you’ll learn how to connect with your audience on a whole new level.

So, are you ready to get ahead in the marketing game? Register here to join us on September 24 and learn how to tap into the full potential of consumer neuroscience.

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