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Since a few years back the usage of video is increasing and it doesn’t appear to stop any time soon. Learn how a DAM tool like QBank can help you work more efficiently with managing your videos.
There is no coincidence that video related features has been on the last few year’s roadmaps from QBank. Working with a tool for managing digital assets we have, first handed, seen the immense increase of video usage the last years.

So, what are our top features for video and how do you best use them?


Any one slightly familiar in working or managing videos knows how large a video file can be. The rendered final video is large and the working file from Adobe Premiere is even larger, so you will need a lot of storage for managing multiple videos. Apart from the benefits of a great storage solution you and your team will have instant access to all of your videos.


Working with videos for multiple audiences or markets often involves different outros. An outro is a video clip that is added in the end of a video. This is often a clip with a company logo and a link to a country-specific website or a tagline in a specific language. With QBank you upload your video and the different outro versions, then you add the outros to the video from within QBank. This can even be made automatically when uploading a certain type of video. This is a huge time saver when working in multiple market and languages.

Logo & Text Detection

This new feature is a great tool that scan your videos for any logos or text. This is used by several of our video-heavy users and is highly appreciated. It has a number of usage areas like if you wish to make sure a competitor’s logo is in your video, you need to quickly find the spot where your own logo is detected in the video, or if you are managing videos filmed by external contributors and wish to see if there is any text in the video. A key takeaway with this feature is the timesaving, imagining doing this automatically versus watching hours of videos to detect logos or text.


Another growing area of usage is subtitles. Since we started using video in social media studies have shown how often videos are watch on mute. Also, subtitles for translation are off course still a superhero. We offer automatic subtitles that can be edited, and you can export the text file if you need it somewhere outside QBank.

Keyword suggestion

Another great feature is a part of our video analysis and it is keyword suggestion. QBank will analyze your video for suggested keywords that match visual elements of the video. You can tailor your property list to fit your needs. Also, you can change how high the percentage of a match your suggested keywords should have.

Instant publishing

With QBank you can publish your videos in your distributions channels from within the DAM. Thanks to QBank managing predetermined video templates, you easily change the size and format of the video you wish to publish. Our most popular integration when it comes to videos is YouTube.


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