Navigating through turbulence: how Digital Asset Management empowered a global leader to achieve outstanding outcomes despite obstacles

A journey through creativity and flexibility

In the dynamic and ever-shifting global landscape, businesses across the world have witnessed their fair share of challenges and opportunities. One such journey, that captures the spirit of being adaptable and innovative, revolves around a global leader with a rich 70-year history in engineered joining technology. Despite maintaining a modest team, their spirit for innovation and quality has ensured their solutions – ranging from leak-proof connections in various modes of transport to structurally integral buildings – have consistently delivered exceptional performance.

Sailing steadily through global crises

Flash back to the 2008 economic downturn, a storm that left organizations worldwide grappling for stability. Our unsung hero not only managed to navigate through these turbulent waters but also spearheaded a robust global marketing strategy, launching an awe-inspiring 25 campaigns across 16 countries. Astonishingly, their modest team propelled sales to an impressive 6 million Swedish Krona in a mere three months.

In another bold effort, the company successfully amplified their digital presence by deploying 26 micro-sites worldwide within a single year, all without expanding their existing resources.

The unseen hero: Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Critical to these triumphs was the implementation and incorporation of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, a tool that seamlessly transformed their operational and marketing dynamics. Acting as the silent workhorse, the DAM system streamlined processes, reduced redundancy, and enhanced operational efficiency by providing a coherent mechanism for the creation, storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets across the globe.

For a large company with many brands, keeping the branding consistent across different platforms and allowing the marketing team quick access to needed materials was crucial, ensuring that branding remained uniform while also enabling the marketing team to promptly access necessary assets was vital. This not only preserved time and financial resources but also maintained and uplifted the brand’s global image.

Doing more with less

Adopting a lean methodology, the company managed to intertwine strategic efficiency with innovative technology. This blending of strategies allowed them to navigate through challenges while minimizing waste, thereby embodying the philosophy of delivering maximum output with minimal input.

Lessons from a journey towards global excellence

  1. Embracing Technological Innovations: Leveraging tools like DAM can centralize and streamline digital assets, thereby supercharging marketing efforts through enhanced efficiency and consistency.

  2. Understanding Processes: A thorough comprehension and analysis of company processes are crucial before initiating transformative change.

  3. Employing Efficient Methodologies: Incorporating methodologies, such as the lean approach, can significantly optimize processes and minimize waste, nurturing a culture that emphasizes peak output with restrained input.

Recalling a story of success while navigating current challenges

Navigating through the digital age, using tools like Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems isn't just helpful but essential for businesses looking to streamline and boost their outcomes. The untold story of a global giant stands out, shining a light of hope for businesses all over the world. It shows us that achieving big with the right mix of strategies and tools is not only possible but likely, even during tough times.

Today, as we find ourselves in a similar challenging situation, this story is not just a chronicle of success. It serves as a practical guide, showcasing that with strong strategies and effective tools, turning success into a tangible reality—even amidst our current stormy global circumstances—is wholly achievable.

Still as crucial today as it was back then - This blog is a summary from Norma Group's participation at DAM Day 2019
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