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Investing in a DAM is one thing, staffing up to manage the investment is another. Who is best equipped to be your Head of DAM and what teams and user roles are necessary?

You know that you need a tool for managing and distributing digital assets, but who will run the investment? Your DAM journey can be divided into three different phases and each has their own DAM responsibilities and roles.

1. The Implementation Phase

During the implementation process you should set up two internal groups, a control group and a project group.

The control group should have representatives from DAM related departments to bring all requirements and needs to the table.

The project group are running your DAM implementation project and are responsible for bringing the control groups requirements into the DAM set-up.

2. The Operational phase

Roles that are connected to the Operational phase are Head of DAM and different user Roles.

Head of DAM
Your superhero - the Head of DAM is running the DAM solution. This person should be well-informed and up to date with your organization’s overall business-critical processes and strategies. It is also a clear advantage if this person has a technical understanding and above-average knowledge within data management, taxonomy and metadata.

User Roles
QBank has an advanced user and rights management that enable multiple user roles. The two most frequently used are the pre-determined Administrator and Editor. Learn more about roles in the White Paper Build a DAM Dream Team. As QBank is a flexible solution you can customized these roles and configurate and set-up after your specific needs.

3. the Onboarding phase

Getting all business areas ready for onboarding is an important step in your DAM project, and to enable that you could really benefit from appointing a few DAM Ambassadors.

DAM Ambassadors
To make a smooth transition to the new system it could be a good idea to encourage a couple of users to become DAM ambassadors. Their mission is to communicate and carry out a positive spirit for the new system.

White Paper - Build a DAM Dream Team

Every DAM implementation project is unique and proceeds from individual business needs and requirements. Learn more about responsibilities, roles and teams in our white paper.


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