Distribute digital assets efficiently with Moodboards


Distribution of digital assets is not limited to publishing a final version in an external communications channel. It is also daily interactions in-between team members or with your design agency during the production process. Learn how a QBank Moodboard can help you to work more efficiently.

How an organization distributes digital assets depends on how their routines and processes looks, and therefore the need for different types of distribution options are a necessity. With QBank's different Moodboards you will surely find the best fit for you.

If we take a look at a production process  it from a Marketing perspective; Producing content is a huge part of the Marketing Team budget, it takes a lot of time and it is expensive. The content production process involves a series of event before a final piece of content is ready for release. For those in-between interactions, we have a great tool – the QBank Moodboards.

What is a QBank Moodboard?

A Moodboard is a feature for sharing assets with chosen stakeholders, internally or externally. The rights management in QBank enable you to choose exactly who you want to share the Moodboard with and for how long and on what permission. You can also choose how you wish to protect the Moodboard, either with a link-only access or with PIN code access. 

The moodboards are not just a tool for your Marketing or Communications Departments, but can be used throughout the organization.

There is a Moodboard for every occasion

Our Moodboard feature comes in different shapes, to fit several different types of sharing.

The most popular Moodboard

The Moodboard template mostly used is the interactive ones. These Moodboards can be used as a sharing of files of your choice, but it can also be used to collect files.


Sharing Assets
For sending files to a colleague or an external stakeholder, this is probably the best way to go. You chose what files to add to the Moodboard and in suitable version (size, resolution), you might not wish to send 150 high-res images if not absolutely necessary. This option also allows you to decide what your recipients can do with the images; download original or only download a low-res version, upload a new version, add properties to an image and so on.

Uploading Assets
Let’s say that you recently hired a photo agency and now it’s time for them to deliver your photos. By sending them an empty Moodboard where the recipient has rights to upload files you can automatize the delivery of all new photos straight into your DAM. You can even have the metadata from the photographer’s camera to be included in the upload. Talk about time-saver!

Add Metadata to Assets
Metadata is key in a DAM – without it your assets aren’t worth much. A Moodboard is a great tool of you want to send assets to someone and have them add accurate metadata. Set up a Moodboard and share with assigned person and add rights to add metadata.

The Creation Workflow


The best option for design and production processes. This workflow is customized after your production processes and aim to support you in the creation process of new content. This Moodboard has a step-by-step workflow from draft to final product. The feature enables commenting on a draft and sending it to the next process step or back to the designer for retouches. Learn more about this feature in the blog post – Creation Workflows.

The Slideshow

The perfect Moodboard for sharing a set of images that you only wish to show off. For instance, it could be a perfect function to use if you are releasing a new product line that you wish to share with your organization, or maybe you are rolling out a global campaign that you want to share with your department.

Customized to fit your needs

QBank is an enterprise DAM solution and will solve advanced requirements. Together with the QBank Project and Implementation Team you have the opportunity to tailor your Moodboards and don't need to worry that you will lack in brand consistency. Book a demo with us and we will show you how to turn assets into content and business value!


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