Digital Asset Management in the Age of Personalization

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Personalized content is no longer a novelty but an expectation. Consumers expect brands to provide them with relevant content, tailored to their wants and needs, especially later in the customer lifecycle. This acceleration in digital communication increases the demands on brands and how they manage and distribute their ever-increasing content stack.

Taking advantage of technology and new features is one way to meet the demands of today. In this blog post we will talk about how digital asset management platforms like QBank are recognising the challenges of today’s climate and how our features help businesses thrive with ease. 


Content Automation

To be able to deliver personalized content at large scale, a form of mass-production is needed. This leads us to the first trend in digital asset management, a focus on features that facilitate content automation. Digital asset platforms like QBank can be used to help creators and marketing teams automate their production using features such as:

  • AI generated subtitles for video
  • Automated content creation for images and banners, connecting the right image to the right offer using metadata and the right copy

More content, larger demand for control

The focus on personalization at scale leads to a massive increase in the amount of digital assets and content that a company must manage. Thus, the second DAM trend is offering companies more ways to control their ever-growing asset library.

Companies need to stay on top of organizing new assets, deciding and managing who has the right to access them and when, as well as making them easily available to use for various teams, suppliers and markets. QBank offers a highly advanced metadata structure that allows users to create automated business rules and giving them full control of each asset, from tagging to version control. 

The client perspective

Utilizing the QBank Banner Builder function they are able to autogenerate personalized offers in their 1 million weekly e-mails for 8 different chains. These offers are tailored based on each customers preferences.

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