Customer success - Coop Norway integrated DAM and PIM


Our customer Coop Norway had a hard time keeping control of their product images when we first met. By integrating QBank with inRiver PIM they solved a lot of problems.

Coop Norway maximized their PIM and DAM investments

Coop Norway is a Norwegian grocery and consumer goods supplier with over 1200 stores and a number of online stores. They manage over 100 000 assets related to their many products.

Initially they were struggling with distributions of accurate product images. It was time-consuming and they would often find wrong product images published. They basically needed a tool that could ensure that right images where published in the right channels.

Working with enterprise SaaS solutions like QBank and inRiver, your possibilities for integrations are outstanding and also future-proofed. By addressing the differences between the two systems, you can build a sustainable architecture for reaching shorter time-to-market while ensuring consistency. That is exactly what Coop accomplished by the integration.

Let your DAM do the hard work

Working with digital assets, original images in particular, you will face issues with storage and organizing. In the DAM is where the heavy lifting should take place, that’s where you should store your large files, originals and all different versions. When your images are cropped and re-sized, that’s when they are pushed and published to the PIM. This way, all the heavy files are left in the DAM, as it should, and you do not need to be concern that your product images are too large for the PIM.

Omnichannel & brand consistency

The increasing demands on omnichannel consistency and to present relevant and consistent content to your audience, despite channel, is a challenge for most organizations, and a crucial ingredient in reaching a high level of customer engagement. Many e-commerce businesses are facing challenges that we could not have imagine and working smart and efficient are not only a vision but a necessity.

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Access our case study about Coop Norways advanced QBank set up and integrations.

Coop Norway Case Study

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