Reach ROI on Social Media Content with a DAM

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We spend a lot of time and money on our social media content, but to what cost? Even if you keep your social engagement on a basic level and produce your own content it is still a large cost for a marketing department. With a DAM you can cut cost directly related to content production.

Being active on multiple social media platforms is common today, and we spend an immensely large number of hours on production and publishing. With a DAM solution you can cut cost directly related to just production and publishing, creating return on your content investment (ROCI).

Here are five ways a DAM can help you to cut costs and reach ROCI.

Most Companies have profiles on multiple social media channels, and every channel has their own platform. Every time you post something you need to login to the specific platform. Four social media channels equal four logins. With QBank’s automated workflows you can easily push content to most social media channels from one platform while staying in full control on published assets.

Campaign Management
A recent study by Cheifmartec showed that marketers spend most of their time on campaign management. Campaigns include a lot of content like banners and illustrations. Campaign management often involves several stakeholders like an Art Director or your Marketing Agency. What you need is a streamlined solution for correction rounds and version management, you don’t want to end up with versions named campaign_final_final.pdf – we have all been there. With one of our Moodboard templates you can easily share content internally or externally, on a temporary website. Moodboards are one of QBank’s most popular features and a must in efficient campaign work.

Different platforms – Different templates
Every social media channel has their own image and video sizes. They are all different! Imagine how much time it takes to upload and re-size one image for four different channels…and then imagine doing that for five different LinkedIn posts, four Facebook posts, 20 Twitter posts and ten Instagram updates – a week. That is a lot of re-sizing. In a DAM solution you upload the original image and use pre-determined templates for every channel. Your re-sizing alone will take minutes, not hours.

Invest in an integrated social media platform
Investing in a social media platform, like, for managing all your social media channels in one place is a time saver. It is also a great tool for planning campaigns and tailor your social media ads. With an integration to your DAM you can control what content should be available for your Social Media Managers. Full control and no risk of publishing content with expired copyrights or inaccurate content.

Reuse content
One of the larger perks of adding a DAM to your MarTech Stack is that it enables reuse of content. Thanks to a great overview, metadata and smart workflows you will easily reuse content already produced, simply because you can see what you got and where it has been published. With the statistic tool in QBank you can also see what content is working in your social media marketing, which enables you to actually produce content right content.



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