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Adding assets to a Digital Asset Management is one step towards becoming more agile, but there are also several business effects within reach. In this blog post I will guide you through a few effects to expect when taking the step towards becoming a DAM user.

Today we see much more cross-functional teams working with an organizations’ digital assets, and that should also be reflected in the DAM solution you run. Search functionalities and smart metadata features are essential but many of our existing customers and prospects have more advanced and business-driven needs.


At this point, no one has missed Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning or automation. Almost everything that can be automated is, and so is the case for features in QBank. It’s all about turning our customers management of assets into smart workflows, so you can spend more time on marketing activities.

To turn your DAM into an automated machinery you need to look at your processes. What should be automated depends on your needs, and it can be everything from advanced integrations with a Product Information Management (PIM) and a Master Data System for automatically adding product images to the right product, or a simpler workflow for turning a high res image into several different versions to fit multiple channels.

With an enterprise DAM solution, you can customize your automated efforts to fit your business model as well as processes. Setting up automated actions is something your entire organization will benefit from.


As mentioned before, cross-functional teams are becoming more common and that is something we have had in mind when developing features to enable interaction across teams and departments. Also, you interact with external stakeholders and that has to run smooth too.

A DAM does not just provide your stakeholders with instant access to your assets, but it also supports you in communicating and run daily tasks with your teams. An example of this is the QBank Moodboards. It is a temporary website where you can share assets with internal or external stakeholders.


The concept Martech Stack is not just a buzz word but is becoming more recognized within the Marketing Community. It refers to the setup of Marketing Technology your organization have. At QBank we see DAM as a central part of a successful Martech Stack. We go on and on about integrations and that is because we see a great potential in increased efficiency. Building workflows to linked systems is a huge time saver and increases collaboration. Integrations also enables cross-functional collaborations and paves the way for higher productivity. We are experts in Digital Asset Management and therefore believe in integrations with experts in other fields, like CMS, PIM, social media platforms, etc.


In multiple surveys CMO’s state that their problem is not to collect data but analyzing the data they have. I bet a lot of you know what I mean.

QBank offers an analytic tool for statistics on your asset’s performance, and we have put a lot of efforts in making it intuitive and user friendly. It shows usage trends, popular media, general statistics like number of logins and search hits. If you have integrations or a media portal added to your QBank you can see from where your traffic is coming. You gain a great overview of your users, based on uploads, downloads and searches.

So, why do we call this a business effect? Not only will QBank provide you with data from your asset’s performance within QBank but it will also show statistics from your integrated Martech tools. You can easily compare your KPI’s across departments and markets for further efforts.


Something that’s not only important for your Marketing or Communications Team is brand consistency. Throughout your organization, brand related efforts are crucial. From using the accurate logo in the right way, to available design and brand manuals and policy documents. With a DAM solution you enable consistency and can supply your organization with tools to become brand ambassadors.

You will get a better overview of multiple brands, markets and channels – always on top of your brand identification efforts.


Creating content is time consuming but with a DAM you'll get a great overview of your content which enables reuse. Reuse of content has many upsides and the fact that it saves you time is nothing but amazing. With the great overview and automated workflows, it is easy to reuse content.

Today, publishing to multiple communications channels is the most common publishing strategy and reuse of content is an effective way to save time and step up performance. A DAM enables this efforts and support your team in the creation process, from creating content to publishing and follow up.

It’s easy to forget your old assets, the ones you are not using right know but have a historic value. These assets have to be archived properly and should not be forgotten. Since storytelling is a huge part of today’s content marketing, there is not totally unlikely that you will use some of that historical assets to tell your story.



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