Are you ready for your best holiday season yet?

The holiday season is upon us and you're probably looking for ways to increase efficiency, enhance collaboration and boost productivity. That's exactly why QBank is the go-to digital asset management system for retail brands. In this blog post we wanted to share with you some great QBank features that will make your days just a bit easier this holiday season.

Keep track of new versions

Keeping track of versions can be time-consuming. Instead of adding new versions as a new media, QBank keeps track of your versions for you. You can always see the history of when a new asset has been added, and by whom. Always in control, always updated.

folderstructure-01Stop wasting time searching for your campaign assets

Keep all your assets related to a specific campaign in one place using the campaign folder feature. For instance, you can have one folder for Black Friday and another for Christmas. You can also filter on a date, a great feature since campaigns are usually tied to a specific timeframe and should not be available to publish after those dates.

Mockup-email-retailPersonalization at scale

It can be incredibly time-consuming to tailor marketing campaigns to multiple markets and individual consumers. This is why we developed the Banner Builder feature. With the Banner Builder, you can auto-create campaigns with personalized content in QBank using approved images and predetermined templates. Maintain global brand consistency through e-mail campaigns, banners, and social media content while adapting your materials to your target audiences.


Collaborate and share

Moodboards are key when collaborating with in-house teams and external agencies. You can use Moodboards to share texts for proofreading, or approval rounds for ads, banners, and artwork. The great thing about using this channel is that you document everything, from comments to new versions. Say goodbye to email attachments that were too large to send anyway.


Publish with ease

QBank will even make publishing your assets easier. Connect your QBank platform with your CMS, social media channels, reseller portals and share with your target audience in seconds.
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