Adding a DAM to your Martech Stack? Here are a few tips!

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Adding a new tool to your Martech Stack in 2020 means choosing from about 8 000 products, all according to recently released Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. That is both impressive and maybe a bit overwhelming, at least if you are planning to invest in new tools. In this blog post we offer you a few tips to consider when getting a DAM solution.

Building and adding new tools to the Martech Stack is an ongoing process with new vendors on the market and changed internal requirements. With the release of the huge Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2020 I started thinking about what you need to know to choose the right DAM solution, a solution that should fit your needs and enable you to grow your business. Turned out to be quite long blog post so I had to narrow it down to three tips.

Martech Landscape 2020

For those not familiar with the Martech Landscape; once a year Scott Brinkley at releases this landscape over available Martech solutions. The landscape was first released in 2011 with 150 logos and has now grown to over 8000 logos. Solutions are coming and going, some are staying for years and some are being bought by others - an ever-evolving landscape. What I find interesting is the analysis on the Martech Market that comes with it. For example, this year shows that tools within conversations and governance has grown with 70 %. And also states that marketers spend most time on campaign management, training and support, and workflow and processes. Read the analysis here.

So, how should you act when selecting a DAM tool for your Martech Stack in 2020? Here are three important areas to consider when finding the perfect DAM for your business.

  1. Know your business processes
    Before you start looking at options and vendors, have a look at your Business. What are your strategies and what does your processes look like? What do you want to achieve and what do you need to get there? It is important that you raise these questions in your organization in order to look at accurate options.
  1. "Customize the DAM tool into your business, not your business into your DAM tool!"
    I will quote our CTO here, because the above sentence says so much when adding a DAM to your Martech stack. A DAM is a large investment and it is a tech solution that is evolving rapidly with new features and functionalities added continuously. Therefore, you should take flexibility into account, since you would want a DAM tool to grow with you for a long time. 
  2. Build an integrated Martech Stack
    Integration is key to efficiency within your Martech stack. Next to flexibility, integration possibilities are equally important when looking at Martech solutions. Look for a solution that enable integrations or connectors to your existing Martech tools. For example, an integration between QBank and your CMS can enable automatic publications of content in accurate sizes. Keep in mind, you should choose a DAM that you can use for the long run, not just here and now.

Are you looking for more best practice advise? Have a look at our white papers or request a demo of QBank.



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