A picture is worth a thousand... metadata properties?

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A digital asset with no related metadata is often more or less useless, carrying little or no value for an organisation beyond its creation and first use.

We all agree that we need metadata in order to make assets searchable, but there are some pieces of information that serve an equally important purpose:

  • Where does an asset come from?
  • For what purpose was it created?
  • Where was it put to use?
  • How did it deliver?

Being able to capture the “life story” and context of an asset generates knowledge that can be tapped into and used to improve the business. Or it can be as simple as just knowing where an asset is being used over multiple channels when it needs to be replaced by a new updated version. (Which of course is easier said than done if you don’t have the proper DAM to support it.)

In QBank DAM, we are constantly improving ways to help you keep track of many of these aspects - without adding an extra layer of manual work. QBank DAM tracks usage in:

  • Internal or external channels (websites, campaign sites, intranets, portals)
  • Social media channels (YouTube, Facebook pages etc)
  • Assets shared with external parties via moodboards
  • Assets used in graphic production (offline and print)

In addition to data generated within QBank DAM, many clients also add valuable metadata by using the many possibilities to integrate with other systems, such as an existing Product Information Management (PIM) system. Even if the source of the data is maintained in different systems, by different groups of users and for different purposes, using QBank DAM can provide a single overview of all relevant information around any assets lifecycle.

Every company is unique and have special requirements in their metadata structure. We have guided and learned from over 250 companies, operating in most sectors. This have given us a deep knowledge in how to setup a good structure. Our methodology is based on best practise and helps you to get the most out of QBank DAM when it comes to metadata aligned with integration, analytics and publishing. Don’t be a stranger.

Please contact us anytime to discuss more about metadata or stay tuned for other posts on this blog. Have a great weekend!


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