5 tips to get in Control of your Digital Assets

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New year with new possibilities! Here are a few valuable tips to start your year in a great and efficient way.

We are still in the beginning of 2021 and now might be the perfect time to sum up last year's efforts and take a look how to optimize. Here are a few quick tips on the way.

#1 – What did you achieve?

How did your digital assets perform during the last year? Did you meet your goals? Might not sound too fun to start a new year by looking back, but it is the perfect time. Hopefully you are full of energy and inspiration to take on the new year, looking back will only help you ahead.

#2 – Perform a digital asset audit

Take a good look at what types of assets you possess and how you use them and for what. Have a look at what types of content is published in your different publishing channels and how they perform. Do you have manual workflows that could be turned automatic? This will give you a great overview over your important digital assets.

#3 - Add a proper tool

With QBank DAM you will have full control over your digital assets, instant access, streamlined publishing and automated workflows. With integrations to your business-critical tools, you are set for success and will turn inefficient manually run tasks into automatic workflows.

#4 – Set DAM goals

When your DAM is in place you need to set goals. Remember to keep them realistic and measurable. In QBank you have all the statistics in one place and can follow usage, views and publishing.

#5 – Follow Updates and News

QBank is developing and adding new features continuously, make sure to follow  our news channels for instant updates to improve and optimize your QBank DAM usage.


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