4 Reasons to Connect Your DAM with PowerPoint

Integration to DAM

As a DAM user you are in control of your assets and can control and analyze how they are being used. Maybe now is the time to grow with your solution, and integrate it with other useful tools like Microsoft PowerPoint. The application that hundreds of millions use to make visual presentations.

So here is a scenario most marketers or communicators lived to experience: You’re asked to send out a presentation to yesterday’s webinar attendees. When you open the attached presentation and realize that it is an old PowerPoint document template, with the old version of your logotype. When scrolling down you also realize that the images are from clip-art and not at all according to graphical guidelines. I think you got the picture.

What can our PowerPoint Connector do for you?

By integrating QBank with PowerPoint some of the major issues above will vanish. Well, you will still have to validate the output but it will get a whole lot easier.

  1. Only use accurate versions of images, media, and logotypes. In QBank you can manage your assets after how you want them to be used. Thereby you can decide which assets should be able to use in PowerPoint presentations. This feature assure that you only use accurate assets in presentations, according to your company brand guidelines and preferences. Say goodbye to usage of old versions of logotypes, inaccurate PowerPoint templates, or wrong images.

  2. Search and filter. With the “Media picker” you reach all of your assets within the PowerPoint interface. You can scroll for media or use a free text search. No need to upload images from your desktop.

  3. Automatically scale and resize images to fit the PowerPoint format. This is probably one of the best features. Imaging just drag-and-drop an image from your Media picker and it automatically scales to the right size and resolution. This means you could insert a high resolution image to a presentation and the connector will downsize it for perfect fit.

  4. Save time! You do not have to scroll and search for assets to insert. You have them in the Media picker within the PowerPoint interface.

By the way...all of the above can be applied to another pretty common program, Microsoft Word.



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