Take control of consent and privacy with QBank DAM

The days when you could use a photo or video featuring a person without their approval are long gone. Getting the actual consent can be a complex process in itself. QBank's new consent feature makes image consent management easy, automatic and seamless. 



A poster at the entrance of an event or conference saying "you consent to our use of images for XYZ purpose" is not sufficient, you have to get affirmative consent to use images and videos where people are even remotely shown. 


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Automating the process

With QBank you can get notified automatically when an image features a person, and request them to give their consent.

If the person has already signed a consent form, you can simply choose their name from a drop down menu to tag them in the photo. 

Digital Signage and Expiration Dates Made Easy

Consent in QBank can be given in a one-time agreement (such as for an employee during their employment with the company) or for each individual photo featuring the person.

Say goodbye to paper forms. Simply collect consent forms via a QR code during photoshoots. The consent forms will be automatically uploaded and registered in QBank.

For individual photos, select the relevant photos and send a digital consent form from within QBank for the person to sign.

Once the consent form is signed, it is registered in QBank. You can also set an expiration date for the consent and get notified once the expiration date is coming up. 


Show me the feature!

Pick a time that works for you and we will give you a presentation of the Consent Process featue.